Tenerife - What to expect

It really depends! Tenerife is a unique island it is incredibly diverse. Unique architecture in historical old towns, black sand beaches, tropical weather in the south, the best stargazing in Europe just to get started…. With its multiple microclimates gracias a Teide, you can surf or bundle up around a campfire depending on where you visit but across the island, it’s mild all year, never too hot or too cold for travelers. Flora & Fauna to fawn over, with more than 14000 animal species, 40% of which are endemic to the Teide National Park. Gallotia galloti galloti & Serinus canaria & Falco tinnunculus canariensis for example:

remote working at nine coliving in Tenerife

Average costs in this area

Transportation - The public bus system is affordable from a couple of euros per one way trip to round trips starting at 4.25, you can also buy a pre-loaded bus card! Many visitors choose to rent a car as well as local rentals are cheap!.

Accomodation - At Nine room rates depend on if you stay for a few days, more than a week or more than a month! For 4 weeks or more: a bed in the 4 person mixed dorm starts at 24.50/night, a single bed in a private room for 31.50/night and a double bed for 38.50/night ((and if you book a double room for 2 folks its 59.50/night)) Prices are higher for shorter stays, and the minimum stay is 3 nights. Included in the price: is daily breakfast, all day coffee & tea, Sunday outdoor BBQ, a dedicated coworking space, and weekly activities.

Suggested daily budget – 50-60 EUR / 52-62 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a the dorm for a month, eating out a little, cooking/sharing most of your meals, and using local transportation. Using budgeting tips, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in private double room, or eat & or go out more often, expect this to be higher!)

TIps for first visit

1. Walks in La Orotava – La Orotava itself is an adorable town, vastly different than the well known southern touristic side of Tenerife. Nestled on the side of the mountain directly up from Puerto de la Cruz, it is a far more local spot with adorable old architecture and hills that’ll ensure you get your leg work out in on long walks!.

2. Sharing a space – Co-living is by no means a new idea if anything it is a more of a return to how our ancestors did things. Modern co-living now often refers to non-relatives, and in the case of Co-livings set up for remote workers strangers sharing a home. The nature of sharing a space leads to a conscious use of the facilities → which also directly translates into benefits to the environment! It’s the little things, like everyone spending Wednesday nights together for dinner in 1 room — while there is no energy being spent in any other area of the house. It’s piling on sofas together to watch 1 movie, rather than each individual person watching on a computer/tv their 1 movie x15. Less energy use per person.

3. Getting there – The best airport to fly into is the North Airport (TFN) it is smaller with fewer flights, but closer to the capital and less-tourist centric side of the island. From TFN airport to get to Nine take the Airport Bus #30 direction Puerto de la Cruz and get off at bus stop – Enlace Orotava. You can search for cheapest and CO2 friendlier flights using goetica’s flight search.
(15-minute walk from that stop to the front door)

Nine coliving together

We recommend

Nine Coliving.

For remote workers who want to organically get to know the island & call La Orotava home for a bit. By the numbers, Nine is a single massive epic old Canary style home with;

  • 4 bathrooms
  • 10 bedrooms (mix of single beds w/ roomies, solo single beds, & double beds for 1 or 2 guests)
  • 1 interior patio
  • 1 outdoor grassy garden + eating/grilling shaded area
  • 1 multi-level roof w/ Grill, tables, chairs & lots of space for activity
  • 1 grand living space w/ family table for eating + sofas & tv for lounging
  • 1 large indoor dedicated quiet workspace
  • 1 dedicated call room
  • 1 kitchen complete with multiple shelves & (3) refrigerators organized by room
  • a variety of spaces in the large old corridors to lay down your yoga mat or a grab a corner to have a call..

Although the numbers do hint at the sustainability and experience of coliving here, the truth is in the humans. Nine is run by Anne Kuppens, a lovely woman from Holland who taught Biology, traveled the world as a digital nomad and settled in La Orotava in 2018 to set up this space with open doors to dozens of individuals who come and ultimately create the community.

She choose to yell. Yogi 🌱Human-focused, remote-first & flexible work advocate.

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