I thought this post would be appropriate for our start. So we launched, 10th August to be correct after almost a year of hard work with sacrifices made by almost every person involved in this amazing project.

Hate reading long posts? Find out what goetica is in two minutes.

Goetica launch video
How the idea came about

Travelling in 2013 around the world I’ve seen first hand the problem of stray dogs and stray cats, almost everywhere. Some were good, some were in pretty bad shape and ignored by the humans. Often not because people are evil but because people are also surviving and are barely able to take care of themselves. You see this problem magnified in a country like India and here is where governments and companies should step in, to support associations already on the ground doing the hard work but often under-financed. Fast forward 4 years and when my partner and I decided to leave London, I found how difficult it was to take my cat Umeshu (also a dear family member) over to Palma. Information was scarce and finding airlines was impossible. Something which should take minutes took days. And then one day, while I was having a shower I thought about building goetica that

  1. allows you to search for flights and accommodation
  2. allows you to search for pet flight
  3. shares its profits with animal charities
  4. works to reduce CO2
But first, how we earn money

To explain in more detail; we are a first travel search that donates its profit (a minimum of 65% of profit) to various animal associations. We take all the cheapest and best prices around the world for your flights, accommodation and hotels and serve these for you. You don’t book through us but through the airline and online travel agent which then pays us either a commission or pay us for the click of the booking. Unfortunately, some low-cost airlines don’t even pay a fee. All this at no extra cost to you and we can’t control these prices in any shape or form.

One crucial note is that anyone travelling can book through us. Whether it’s for your accommodation in Paris or flights to Spain, your business travel or your family getaway, you can use us for all your travel needs.

The extra feature we add is that you can search for flights or accommodation with pets, instantly. We show you the best prices, their terms and how you go about booking.

goetica sharing its profits, forever

And we are heavily focusing on neutering and spaying programmes around the world, here is why: So you see, neutering just one animal we could be preventing suffering of 67,000 over six years. We also treat the cat or the dog with anti-parasite and rabies vaccinations. This is crucial because there are also over 59,000 rabies-related deaths in the world. You can read more about how it works here.

Our business model

And we intentionally setup goetica to make sure we stick to these commitments. A community interest company is very different from your typical company. We are a limited company and we want to pay fair salaries, we work to generate profit except this profit has to be shared, legally but with any causes, we choose, in our case its animals. Many companies can make CSR promises to generate profits but few are willing to go down this route because they are purely profit-driven. It is not that this model is evil but it’s outdated. It served its purpose and it is about time we evolve.

Capitalism 2.0

A CIC cannot be sold for profit, its assets are locked, its dividends are capped, it is regulated and it has to declare its finances to the public. Isn’t this what all companies should be like? Read more about us here.

Serious on reducing CO2

Flight industry generates around 2% of man-made CO2 and we are fully aware of the impact flying has. When we serve results we show you two several options but our preferred sort is by least amount of CO2 and that’s because there are already more efficient planes available which consume a lot less fuel, up to 48% less in fact. We will, however, write more in-depth about this but an interesting area to learn about on this is to read the project drawdown and their view on reducing aviation-related emissions. Read about it here

Useful tips in reducing flight emissions:

  • Selecting flights with least CO2 by using goetica’s search
  • Choosing short-haul flights for your trips when you can
  • Choosing an economy rather than business flights
  • Choosing direct flights
  • Offsetting your flight by investing in an energy programme or a tree-planting programme
Co2 impact demo in goetica flight search result

Green cities in the world / Green travel

Cities are working hard to become green. For example, Cape Town is winning awards for waste management and Helsinki is declared a Nature capital of the world. Not only are the amazing places to visit but we are directly contributing to the economy of this city, allowing it to invest more in green developments, this, in turn, may motivate other cities to follow suit. Find a list of inspiring cities on our hotel page.

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Matija is just a human being | an environmentalist | lover of all species, outdoor type of person | 🏄🏾 🏊🏾 ⛵ 🏍️ 🌲 🐈 🐶 🐜 🎒 Founder of goetica www.goetica.org

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