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Goetica is the first travel search engine to help strays and wild animals in need. We take the profits earned from your searches and allocate them to different animal protection associations around the world.

How it works?

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Book through us and we receive a small commission. You don’t pay any extra for this - the fee is covered by the vendor.


We allocate most of our profits after running costs towards the
animal welfare projects
described below.



Find the latest prices on flights, trains, buses accommodation or car rental.

goetica hotel how it works icon


Book through us and we receive a small commission. You don’t pay any extra for this - the fee is covered by the vendor.



We allocate most of our profits after running costs towards the animal welfare projects described below.

Mission 1

Humane population control

There are millions of abandoned cats and dogs around the world. Whilst some strays may live a happy life on their own – or with occasional help from local communities – most live a life of suffering. Without food, clean water, and often ridden with disease, not only is their life miserable but they can also be a danger to people. Experts agree that the best way to break this chain of suffering is population control. This means the neutering and spaying of stray animals by professionals.

Statistics show that one female dog and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 puppies in just six years. One female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years.

Strays can and do spread deadly diseases such as rabies. Around 59,000 people in mostly undeveloped countries die every year as a direct result of rabies. Over half of these cases are reported to be children.

What do our donations achieve?

Neuter one cat or dog (including anesthetic)
One rabies vaccination
Anti-parasite treatment for one animal
Food & water for one animal



Sri Lanka

Animal SOS
There are an estimated 3 million street animals in Sri Lanka alone. Animal SOS has helped thousands of animals since it was founded in 2007. They have a sanctuary which anyone can visit in Midigama, Ahangama, in the south of Sri Lanka.

They undertake two sterilisation field trips per month, through which 30 to 40 cats and dogs are sterilised free of charge. In addition they provide first aid and rabies vaccinations. Our aim is to double and then triple these field trips by supporting their fantastic work.
Learn more about Animal SOS Sri Lanka


Bali Pet Crusaders
Bali is home to 500,000+ stray dogs and countless homeless cats. Many of these animals fall victim to poisoning, shooting or culling as local communities often can’t afford humane population control.

Bali Pet Crusaders help compassionate local families who rescue local dogs or cats but can’t afford to have them neutered shoulder the costs. Their small team of licensed and experienced Indonesian vets provides a mobile sterilisation service to low-income Balinese families five days a week. So far, this amazing team has sterilised 15,000+ dogs and cats, preventing unnecessary suffering for thousands of animals. To curb Bali’s rampant rabies problem, the non-profit also vaccinates animals in the red zones to create a healthier environment for pets and locals alike. A registered charity in Australia and the U.S., Bali Pet Crusaders disclose their funding online, allowing donors to see exactly how far their money goes.
Learn more about Bali Pet Crusaders




AWARE is the only veterinary conservation trust in Zimbabwe run by veterinarians, focusing on the welfare of wildlife and the conservation of wildlife habitats. It has existed since 2004.

AWARE provides expert veterinary treatment and rehabilitation to sick or injured wild animals, especially where these animals have suffered at the hand of man. This includes treatment of wild animals at risk from disease and the rehabilitation of wild animals threatened by humans. The Trust also performs free sterilisation, vaccination, and basic health care for domesticated animals living in poverty-stricken marginal areas.
Learn more about AWARE Trust



Spain - Mallorca

Baldea feline project

Formed in 2005, Baldea is an NGO based in Mallorca. They support the welfare of animals all over the island. Their core focus is in neutering stray cats and other animals. They also provide education to local communities in order to generate improved social responsibility towards pets.

Their core aim is to reduce the stray feline population. They operate a van from which they undertake professional neutering, as well as providing spaying services to animal shelters.

Baldea needs funds to pay for fuel, trap cages, medication, surgical equipment and veterinarians.

Learn more about Baldea




Fido fixers

Despite being a nation of animal lovers the USA has one of the largest stray dog and cat populations in the world. Fido Fixers provides no cost or low cost neutering for cats and dogs in economically distressed areas.

They have six mobile spay and neuter clinics and since forming in 2011 they have delivered over 50,000 surgeries. They want to increase their impact by creating more mobile units, and we want to help them.
Learn more about Fido Fixers


Emergency relief for endangered wildlife

Wildlife such as orangutans, big cats, elephants, marine life and even insects are in critical danger due to the climate crisis. Some reports estimate that 50% of all wildlife is in decline.

Part of our quarterly donation goes to international animal protection organisations such as IAR, WWF and HSI. These NGOs spend over 80% of their donations directly on conservation projects and responding to emergencies.

Mission 2

Supporting the green economy

Animals and nature go hand-in-hand. The entire eco-system is fragile and needs our help now more than ever. Our donations work hard to help animals in need but we also have the means to use technology to combat the most important issue of our lifetime, the climate crisis.
Whenever you search for flights on goetica, the CO2 impact is displayed in tonnes for the entire journey and you can then select the cheapest flights. In some instances the difference between the CO2 savings is huge.

And we’re not the only ones who think this way. Project Drawdown is a world-class research organisation that reviews, analyses, and identifies the most viable global climate solutions, and shares these findings with the world. They estimate that by 2050 we could collectively reduce 5 gigatonnes (5 billion tonnes) of CO2 by adopting the latest and most fuel-efficient aircraft, retrofitting existing aircraft, retiring older aircraft early and operating existing aircraft in more fuel-efficient ways. See their analysis here.

We’ll continue to improve our data and technology so that our users always have the most accurate information available. So that you can make the most informed decision every time you travel.

Our Inspiration

Project Drawdown

Learn more about Project Drawdown

How can I be sure goetica is legit?

Goetica exists to create Good Animal Karma. We are a completely transparent company. We publish our quarterly financial reports online so you can see exactly what our profits are spent on and how much money goes to help animals in need.

We also intend to produce an annual KarmaGraph which will summarise the positive impact our business has had around the world.


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