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Partner & Ideas Wrestler
Born in Sarajevo in 1982, Elvin was too young to remember the 1984 Winter Olympics in the city. In 1993, during dark times in his native Bosnia, he migrated with his family to Oslo, Norway where he still lives. Upon receiving his first paycheck as a 15-year-old paperboy, he knew immediately what he was going to do with it. He bought a plane ticket and that was that: he was smitten with the travel bug.

He’s been exploring the world ever since. Between his travels he completed an MSc in International Marketing, lived in Paris for a year, worked in several different industries and traveled the world solo for 14 months. It was on that global trek that he met up with Matija and the pair spent a month travelling through Mexico and Cuba together. Good vibes and shared values forged a bond that has stood the test of time. When Matija approached Elvin about getting involved in goetica, he jumped at the chance. His interest was sparked by two things: the heart of goetica as a business using its profits to benefit different animal protection organisations, and the wholly transparent business model which he truly believes is the future of business. Elvin delights in mental gymnastics and loves to discuss new ideas and possibilities.


Founder & Helmsman
Originally from Zagreb in Croatia, Matija grew up on the small island of Premuda until 1994 when he and his family moved to London. Matija graduated and entered the world of digital agencies where he had the opportunity to work with an incredible array of talented people. After saving for what seemed like a lifetime, Matija quit his job and backpacked around the world for 16 months. It was on this colossal adventure that he began to photograph the many stray animals he came across, feeding them when he could. He began to wonder how he could use his tech skills and contacts to make a real difference. Upon his return to London, he realised the hectic rat race was no longer for him. He packed up and moved with his wife and cat to Palma de Mallorca, joining his twin sister. During the relocation process he experienced first hand the various difficulties in travelling with pets. The various pieces of the jigsaw fell into place. Matija had long been inspired by social enterprises, so he decided to build a business that would help stray animals at scale, and contribute towards protecting wildlife from the climate crisis. goetica was born in 2019, the same year as his baby son.

Carlos De

Partner & Tech Innovator
Carlos grew up in Madrid in the 70’s. He was a football referee whilst he studied Biology at University. In the early 90’s he joined the Spanish Navy through which he was stationed on the Canary Islands as a scuba diver. He had always been fascinated with the internet and upon his return to the mainland he launched his tech career. Moving to London in 2004, he climbed his way up the ladder via some of the UK’s top agencies. Whilst he’s never made a worldwide expedition on the scale of Mat and Elvin’s, he has a keen interest in the historical monuments and castles of Europe and has visited many sites across four continents. Carlos was the Board Technical Director for the fundraising company ‘Make a Donation’ from 2013 -2016. At goetica he’s responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company’s product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities, making essential software design and implementation decisions, and educating the team on tech best practices. His passion is introducing people to novel inventions and encouraging them to try something new. Carlos brings sharp analytical logic and a wealth of experience to the team – but most of all he likes to bring fun.


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